About Us

Welcome to Candleberries,

Candleberries is a treasure trove for lovers of scented candles and anyone interested in a beautiful range of exquisite quilts or for home decorators wanting to use the fantastic Jolie Chalk Paints.

Owners, Kathleen and Raimund , opened the store in scenic Berry in July 2006. The picture postcard town is around two hours drive south of Sydney.

They had travelled extensively to the USA and fell in love with the quality of the American candles compared to their Australian counterparts, at the time . The aromas were strong, pure and true to the name on the label. The best discovery of the candles was how the scent was just as strong in the final burn as the original burn.

This inspired them to open their own store and the reputation of their range of candles, quilts, Jolie Chalk Paints and attentive customer service has made their store a "must visit" when in Berry.